Hand Bag Trends

Hand Bag Trends


Summer. The most awaited season if you’re not hidden beneath bushes and hearth. This season is the best time to flaunt those hidden abs, toned legs and skimpy outfits you’ve buried at the back of your wardrobe. Summer fun begins with the dressing up part.

So okay, its summer all plans are mapped out. Where to go, what to do, where to eat, etcetera. But one thing that everyone is raving about both men and women, the latter specially are the clothes! Yes, we are talking clothes. Not only are they cheap and fun to wear, the word, shopping couldn’t excite anyone more.

For men, there is the random  boy shorts for hot nights and board shorts on cool evenings. Not to mention toning those abdominal muscles to a flex and tanning on those biceps. Shirts aren’t really a priority in your department, but when you do buy those male covers, you would definitely want to make a few notes.

Avoid daunting the flannel type of cloth or even satin and silks. Sure it may sound feminine but most materials range from these cloths considering they give an airy vibe from torso below. But you may want to consider less on the polyesters because of the friction of summer heat causes. Instead opt for apparels that cater to comfort and style. Amongst a few of these are wearing board shorts that are not whole lycra as such will give you an icky feeling when you sweat. Opt for a more friendly textile mix regardless of brand. You can do part polyester, part cotton and part lyrca. But never a hundred percent on any of each unless you plan on staying indoors or dipped 24/7 in the pool.

For ladies, the skimpy-ier the better, eh? Women of all shapes and sizes indulge in summer friendly wardrobe from beach shorts to contemporary sarongs to cover up unwanted attention.  Limitless possibilities for women range from their bathing suits to the flip-flops they pair with each two-piece bathing suit they like. Its not as simple as men dressing for comfort. Women are more intricate for a lack of a better term when it comes to dressing right for the summer months.

Women are more diverse with the pieces that they put on however little piece they do. Women like to mix and match their string bikinis with other shades, patterns and colors while pairing them off with a huge round pair of sunglasses equipped with that good old sunblock and a huge French hat.  What else works for summer? The endless styles of denim shorts that couldn’t get any shorted than five inches from the waist. The cut, the folds, the tears and even the zippers are well thought of when strutting the long extremities of ladies.

For more conservative types, there is the regular hit of sarongs or otherwise known as tie-dyed clothes made like shawls but larger in depth and coverage. These multi functional pieces can adorn and be functional all at once. Lace it over your nape, twist around your neck and even turn it into another interesting part of your swimwear makes all ladies fab about this apparel.

On a personal note, shopping for the right apparel depends really on the different types of body, style and even individuality of each person. You base your choices on the onset you have for fashion, whatever works for you, you may want to stick with cotton, polyester then again and avoid lyrca unless you intend to surf, swim the whole time or lounge within depths of water otherwise, you are in for burning or irritating your skin and end up not enjoying summer.

The most sought after handbags among ladies today

It is really hard to pin down just what is the most sought after hand bag in the world at the moment, simply because there is literally an explosion of knowledge among designers all over the world. You cannot say anymore that any one designer has a monopoly over this wealth of hand bag designs. However, we can describe a few designs that seem to be flourishing right now.

Take the saddle bag type of hand bag for instance. Usually made of real or faux leather, this type of hand bag bears a striking resemblance to saddles that are placed on horses to accommodate a rider. Although brown is a tough favorite to unhorse, the saddle bag can also be made of synthetic materials in a wide variety of colors. The handle of such a bag is usually very short so that the handle goes over the shoulder for easy carrying. Of course, you would probably want a very durable saddle bag since you will probably want to bring this hand bag everywhere you go.

A sharp contrast to the short-handled saddle bag is the shoulder bags with long straps. These straps can be made of metal chains, long snake like handles, or even leather straps depending on the preference of the lady who will use it. The handles of some bags can be quite short but with the long straps of this kind of hand bag you gain more freedom of movement although some durability might be sacrificed for the sake of fashion. Still, this kind of hand bag is useful for those semi formal or even formal occasions when you just need some place to stash your make up for a quick touch me up. Shoulder bags with long straps are not really utilitarian so it is best to use this for important occasions only.

Still speaking of straps and handles, some hand bags have both actually. This gives the designer more leeway as far as creativity is concerned so that you can choose straps that are short or straps that are long to contrast with the handles themselves. The advantage with this is not just aesthetic – more straps and handles mean the bag can be more utilitarian and useful for daily usage. You just need to bend over and snatch up the bag and you’re ready to go.

The material of the bag itself is also another area where designers have felt more freedom to deal with. You can find hand bags with a smooth leather finish, faux or genuine, and these are always in demand because leather does look good even over time and through daily usage. Other designers might choose to make hand bags that have a furry feel to them (even sporting animal print designs, such as leopard spots) so that you get more variety for your money. This is great for women who are always on the lookout for more variety in their hand bag collection. However, unlike the faux or genuine brown leather bags, bags with more prints are a bit harder to use as accessories so you would do well to judge whether to buy leather bags or bags with prints for practicality’s sake.

There are also some hand bags that have a rumpled look to them which is actually intentional. Whether this looks good or not depends on the dress or skirt and blouse you plan to wear in tandem with the bag. Rumpled bags can be perfect for casual occasions and some might even live a double life as semi formal or formal bags. It really depends on the woman using the bag how she chooses to use it as an accessory. It can be overdone, meaning don’t wear a rumpled looking dress or skirt with a rumpled looking bag to avoid looking like a bag lady.

Of course if you are just going to use your bag for utilitarian purposes such as carrying your computer, what you really want are the durable type of utilitarian bags such as nylon hand bags that can be carried with one hand. Or perhaps you are really going rugged so you need a backpack that can double as a hand bag. It does get easier for you if you just need a bag for practical reasons because you have more choices to pick from. However, price can be a bit hard to predict because some hand bags are costlier than others simply based on the name of the designer who manufactured it.